This past weekend, Knoxville took 600+ people to Sharp Top Cove in Jasper Georgia. More than the camp had ever housed during weekend shenanigans! No one really anticipated school sign-ups blowing up like they did which resulted in cramming camp to the brim. It was a crazy week leading up to camp.

Lots of running around. Lots of talking. Lots of preparing. Lots of wondering. I was doubtful that it would work out.

Now it’s come and gone.

When we are faithless, He is faithful.

He’s always been faithful. He always will be. That’s who He is. Why do I forget?

Another thing I sometimes forget is how incredible Young Life camp is.

I love it because it really lets kids be kids for just a minute. It lets adults be kids. It lets almost-adults be kids.

It’s another way that I’m pointed away from created things and toward our Creator.

It stirs in me a longing for things that are eternal. 

Macy + Me + Molly + Katherine = Zip-Lining Extraordinaires.

These girls warm my heart.

My favorite Webb boy: Nathaniel Lawler. Is that allowed? In knowing him for three years, I’ve seen the Lord change him into a new creation. Love his mama, Toni Lawler, too. What a whoa-man.

My friend Katie from Catholic and Kelly from Webb. I love their spunky-ness.

Katherine + Olivia. They look like sisters. Alas, they are not. They wish they were though. They act like they are. They love each other alot. I love them.


Praising Jesus for choosing to use me this weekend even when I felt un-usable.

Praising Him for his endless pursuit of hearts no matter where we find ourselves.

Praising Him for who He is.


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