Another little tale from work…

Danny and his wife are deaf. They’ve eaten at Brown Bag a couple of times since I started working. Sometimes he types his order out on his i-Phone, but today he was writing it out for me. His wife signed to him what she wanted, but, in true female fashion, she changed her mind. Danny had a one-track mind about writing out their orders, set on what she had already told him and oblivious to the “tap-tap-tap” on his shoulder from his wife trying to explain that she’s indecisive.

She then mouths, “He never listens to me.” Then, with a sigh and a smile, she mouths, “Men”.

Oh the irony…

I cracked up. “Is this okay that I’m laughing????”

Then she cracks up. Phew.

My man Danny, still oblivious.


What I love about Danny and his wife is that they always look like they are enjoying their lunch together. They aren’t staring at their phones, they aren’t reading a book, they are just together. They are just being. Something I’m learning a little bit about these days.


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