loooong over-due!

In all the excitement of this season of life, I TOTALLY forgot I even had a blog.

I’m beyond pumped to finally announce on this little blog of mine that…

Ryan and I are getting married!

It’s happening. and SOON!! (He asked me to marry him in February so it’s about time I blog about it!) I’m giddy and ready to marry my best friend. I love our story. I love that it was perfectly and gracefully written by our God. Here are some pictures that our friend Conner Harville took the night Ryan asked me to marry him! Image Image ImageImage

As you might be able to tell, Ryan asked me to marry him along the Tennessee River!

I’ll give the abridged version of how it all went down…

Ryan had concocted a plan to surprise me, but if you really knew me (or barely knew me) you would know that I am pretty curious/nosey so this required major creativity on his part! Step 1: Ryan told me that he was going to be at Windy Gap helping out a friend of his with music that weekend, so I thought he was out of town. Step 2: He got my friends in on the plan. My friend Cassie was in town for an “interview” (yeah, the interview I was praying for, yet wasn’t real HA)…so my high school friends were going to dinner at Calhouns on the River because Becca was craving their Asian salad, or so I thought. We sat down at a table in a corner so that I was facing the window. I was indecisively scanning the menu when I felt a tight squeeze on my shoulders. I looked up from the menu, saw big grins on my friends’ faces, and turned around to find Ryan standing there!  I think I said, “You’re not at Windy Gap!” He then asked me to walk with him outside the restaurant, so we started walking alongside the river. I was, of course, giggling and asking a million-bagillion questions and he was laughing at me for spazzing uncontrollably. We sat down on this swinging bench and he gave me a book that he had made of our story from the very beginning up until that point. We looked through it together with smiles and tears over the sweet way that God drew us both to Himself and in the process linked us together as best friends and soon to be husband and wife!

That’s the short version, so I keep from writing a novel!

Then, Ryan and I were able to celebrate with our families and our friends! It was such a joy-filled night that I will always treasure!











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