halloween = the perfect excuse to look like a complete goober.

my costume = proof of my point.

The Cheetah hosted a little Halloween gathering to give people a reason to really get decked out this year. As “tweens” of childhood and adulthood, we can’t really go trick-or-treating and we can’t take our kids trick-or-treating because we don’t have kids. Thus, the totally rando costume party ensued. I found lots of joy in seeing everyone’s faces turn as the door would open and a new dressed-up person would arrive.

This year’s Halloween was also a perfect excuse to see lots of my favorite people on a not-so-random week night. Normally we go to bed early, but fun costume parties and fun sophomores and juniors in college kept us young last Wednesday.


“Your Mom”

Cow with Pig Tails

Minion from Despicable Me

80’s Skier



Wassup ringlets?

Note: sponge curlers are the bomb.



cue curvy, mountain road jams.

We [ Becca + Chelcie + Becca + Jenn ] went on a little roadtrip to Asheville, North Carolina to meet our dear friend Cassidy Anne Lewis who has been living in Charlotte since August when she started working with the Fellows.

It was such a refreshing time to laugh and talk and just be with my people. I needed this.

We ate lunch at Early Girl. Grilled pimento cheese–yum in my tum.

We soaked up the fall colors. The yellow trees are my favorite.

We ate even more at The Chocolate Lounge. The name of the place was a dead give away that we’d be close buds.

We were goobers walking around Asheville.

We kept talking about what a babe Chelc is with short hair.

But really…how cute is she?!

I got some good face time with my friend.

She’s real. She’s honest. She’s hilarious. She encourages me. She gets me. She points me to truth.

She’s my friend.
We laughed our butts off at Tupelo Honey. Gahlee. My belly has never been so full.

I’m so thankful for these people who are walking through weird life transitions at the same time as me.

bearden high school. fire up.


A few of us Bearden High alum decided it was time to revisit our old stompin’ grounds and return to see the Dawgs play some football this Friday night. It was such a treat!

Here are just a couple of things I made mental notes of…

  • The drum line still gets me going.
  • Coach Carter still yells at boys the same way–hand gestures and all.
  • Middle-schoolers still swamp the track and pay no attention to the game.
  • Mrs. Bean still scares us.
  • The cheers have not changed…nor have they added any new ones.
  • There is still the token boy with the cut-off dress jacket with jorts gettin’ the crowd amped.
  • It’s still great. to be. a. Bearden Bulldog.
  • Bearden students are just as goober-ish as when I was in the student section–note the baby powder bombs.

FACT: These people are the greatest. I am so blessed to have walked with them since walkin’ the halls of good ole BHS.


Ryan and I partook in one of my favorite fall festivities this weekend…

pumpkin carving

just another reason why

Fall is my favorite.

Just sippin’ on chicken noodle soup: post-wisdom teeth removal, pre-punkin’ carvin’.

Self-timer good-ness. I love fall festivities with this boy!

High five for the Power-T.



birthday girl

One of my favorite people on planet earth had a birthday this week:

She loves me.

She makes me laugh.

She listens to me.

She lets me cry.

She speaks wisdom.

She is encouraging.

She loves Jesus.

She is the best mom ever, in my humble opinion.

mama cece campbell

We got to celebrate by going to Ye Old Steak House. It felt like Christmas in there. (I got us a little lost by putting the wrong address into the gps on Dad’s phone oops.) I learned that prime rib is huge and sweet potato casserole tastes good even when it isn’t Thanksgiving. It was so fun to eat and laugh and talk and just be together. There were points where Mom was crying/laughing–I love that.

After dinner, we went back home to have cake (and eat it too) and let Mom open her birthday presents. Mom was a little cutie (like always) with her cake, so I snapped some pictures. Nights like this make me super thankful for my family. I love them dearly.


I’m a workin’ woah-man.

Since August, I have been working at Brown Bag Catering. It’s a little catering/lunch place in Hardin Valley that’s owned by Peter Brown (get it? Brown Bag?).

Oh and all of these pictures are from Brown Bag’s Instagram account that I’ve now taken under my wing…from 8-3 M-F I have an i-Phone and my dumb phone gets jealous.

I wear one of these shirts erryday. I have five different colors.

I put to-go orders in these brown paper bags erryday.

These are some faces I see everyday. I work with 90% males. They tried to grow out mustaches for a week. 

Matt + Peter + Will

Ruthie Edmunds, Peter’s sis-in-law, did some fun art work on paper bags that are framed and hanging above each table. This is one of my favorites.

Meet the Johnny Long Pan of Chicken. It’s quickly becoming a popular item over at BB.

I wrote this on the chalk board by request of the men of Brown Bag. This was when UT was ranked in the top 25 for a milli-sec and all was right in Knoxville…

Remember Transition? You know, the sort-of-grade between Kindergarten and First Grade? That’s what I feel like I am in now…Transition. I’m working full time so I want to say I’m a Freshman in life…but I’m still in school. (grad school…class is not everyday…not at UT…strange) So it makes it hard to determine what “grade” I’m in. Not that I need to label it or even that I need to know. Maybe that’s the point…

I think I’m beginning to learn some new things about myself.

I think I’m beginning to learn some new things about my Heavenly Father.

Growing up is hard.

It will be okay.

It will be good.

It is good.

Plus, I’m getting pretty good at talking on the phone to strangers. I think I’d probably be able to order a pizza over the phone now.

herb-ert hoover

I’ve been a wanna-be gardener for quite some time.

I now have three plants. Back off, squirrels. 

My grandfather (aka Pa) potted some of his aloe plant for me which is now sitting in my window! I love that this plant came from a plant that my grandmother got from someone else many moons ago.

Ryan bought me little cilantro and rosemary plants at the Farmer’s Market downtown that I’ve now put in extra pots that Claire let me use. I don’t think I was born with a green thumb…but maybe I could adopt one? Or get a stick on? Or paint one on? Maybe I’m just growing one. Scratch that; I’ll just put on a glove with a green thumb…problem solved.

begin again.

Thus begins my life update…

Becca and I painted the Eiffel Tower at Spirited Art to celebrate the end of summer and to commemorate our trip to Paris. The finished product is now hanging in my room!

Ryan and I went to HHI with his mama! We ran. We swam. We walked. We biked. We paddle boarded. This dude makes me think I’m athletic. We even watched the Olympics for cryin’ out loud. This little weekend with his mama was super fun! I absolutely love Hilton Head–it just makes me feel all cozy inside. It was the perfect way to end the summer!

sunflower seed eating tutorial…

All the Cheetahs are finally under one roof. Claire + Mere + Jessie + BT + Morgy + Jenn = sisters from anotha motha. Love that we get to have a sleepover every night.

This is a picture of our (almost) lake day that turned into a Sevierville extravaganza with some outlet mall lovin’!

UT football kicked off…literally. It started off with a bang, but YAY turned NAY reeeal fast. Still love me some orange and white. I think I’m more of a fan now that I’m a real life alum. Be true to your school, babe.

Ice Cream Olympics = fall is in the air. ICO is the signature kick off for Young Life at the beginning of the school year. Nothin’ like smearing ice cream in friends’ faces and waking up with powdered sugar still in your ear. I just love these people.

Shout out to my girl, Brittany Nicole Taylor, who snapped some pictures for us!

There’s some of the highlights of my new beginning.

Father, forgive us when we think that life is more about what we are doing than about who we are becoming. Help us to remember that more than anything else you want our hearts. Allow us to give them to you fully, that we might receive yours in return; changing us more into the likeness your Son Jesus.

recent history = oxymoron

last stop:

berlin, germany

My favorite part of Berlin was the history (and recent history, at that) throughout the city. I’m kind of a history nerd so I was in heaven.

Here’s some of the historical shtuff that made me go oooooh ahhhh.

There were plaques on the sidewalk marking where Jewish families lived that were taken to concentration camps. In some parts of the city, the plaques were in front of almost every door. They told the names of each person in the family as well as what camp they were deported to and whether they survived. 

The Berlin Wall. It was surreal to see in real life. Something so recent in history that seemed like it should have been hundreds of years ago. It was crazy to think that people still walking around the city today were affected by it.

Hitler’s bunker. It’s just a parking lot now, but underneath the ground used to house one of Hitler’s main bunkers. Super weird to stand there and think about what kind of stuff went on beneath my feet. Also these apartment buildings lined the border of the wall–they were the outer layer of East Berlin that was supposed to give off the idea that they were all put together.

Checkpoint Charlie. This was the only segment of the Berlin wall where authorized people could change sectors. The sign is still standing that welcomed people into the American sector. As you can tell, it has become super touristy…you can now get your picture taken with fake Charlie…for a small fee. Don’t try to beat the system and take a picture on the sidewalk with him in the background…they will call you out.
One of the greatest parts about our stay in Berlin were the people that hosted us, Gracie, Caroline, and Kevin, who were living there at the time. Being able to follow someone else and not figure everything out on our own was a breath of fresh air. It was the perfect way to end the trip. Side-note: spending July 4th away from America was interesting. We had bratwurst in place of hotdogs. I kept my American flag bandana in my pocket so as not to be obnoxious.


There you have it people. I’m actually finished blogging about my backpacking adventure. Now onto more interesting things…like working…and school…and going to bed early.

all that and a bag-uette

paris, france

The Eiffel Tower.

You’ve seen pictures of it ever since you can remember, so you think it will fall short of your expectations. But it literally took my breath away. I think expected the area around it to be super touristy and Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-ish where everyone is just standing around taking pictures–but in all actuality it was such a cozy little place and it ended up being our favorite place to just sit and enjoy being together. But wait, there’s more! Seeing it at night was an entirely different experience in and of itself. First off, there were ridiculous amounts of people being ridiculous. Secondly, it is absolutely beautiful seeing the city get gradually darker as the tower grows brighter and brighter then finally begins to twinkle with thousands of little blinking lights that everyone cheers for. Moral of the story: The Eiffel Tower is all that and a bag-o-baguettes.


Complete with strawberry, banana, and nutella. We found a little hole in the wall place called Crepes King owned by a guy originally from Pakistan. I definitely want to learn how to make Crepes–they won’t be the same at Shazaad’s, but they’ll have to do. Pretty much all I ate in Paris were crepes and baguettes. It was awesome.


Oh and I saw the real life Mona Lisa in the Louvre. The painting is really small. And Mona’s hands are very large. Oooo-weee-whats-up-with-that, Leonardo? 


Meg and Kyle had to leave a couple days before us, so the Becca’s and I ventured to Versailles for the day! It was nice to have a low key day. Lots of train rides, but very worth it. The Chateau is incredible.Paris was definitely one of my favorite cities! I would love to go again one day. I need to brush up on my french for next time though…