ready. break.

I’m lounging on the couch in my living room wishing I could apparate to the coast of South Carolina and frolic with the seagulls.

Here are some snap shots of Fall Break…The Cam Fam, plus Rebecca Cox, went to Litchfield Beach, SC. It was a much needed getaway…lots of reading, eating, laughing, time with Jesus, glutton free bread, Friday Night Lights, and ladder ball on the beach. I had this idea in my head that I was going to get ahead on school work…yeah didn’t happen.

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for the breather. 


Your Brain



It’s been far too long, bloggies.

I’m gonna save the drama for yo mama and not go into every detail of the first 24 hours of SBXI. Long story short:

our condominium!

upon our arrival at the Cabana Cay (our destination in scenic Panama City Beach), we find out we cannot check in because we have one too many humans. Thus, we are homeless and roam the Winn Dixie parking lot for a couple hours until we are rescued by the wonderful, heroic Lori Baine, precious angel aunt of Chelcie Crawford. We sleep in the den of her mother in law’s condo, wake up the next day, and begin our quest to find a place to stay for the remainder of the week. And PTL we were given a little blessing of a condo in Seagrove! Significantly cheaper and less sketchy, we were beyond thrilled to have a place to lay our heads and a refrigerator to house our beach turkey sandwiches. It really was a gift and a vivid reminder of the wayour God provides for us in such clear, practical ways.

if you really knew me, you'd know that this is my favorite pose for picture taking. it never fails.

This bumpy start really set us up to enjoy every minute of the rest of the week. We would randomly say, “Is this real life? Did that really happen?” Even though we wouldn’t have hand picked being stranded and helpless in a Winn Dixie parking lot, I really am thankful for the way it all panned out. There was a more beautiful condo waiting for us. (Strikingly similar to life, eh?) Gah, I love metaphors.

The rest of the week was filled to the brim with laughter, long walks on the beach, the Bachelor finale, seafood, lots of pictures of Logan Thress, attempting to stay up late, sunscreen, Micky D’s, being pretend boys and falling in love with March Madness, dance parties, raspberry sherbet, Happy St. Patris Days, and much, much more.

a truck honked at the exact moment this picture was taken

So glad I got to live under the same roof (and so glad that we actually had a roof) with six of my favorite people for a week. Three cheers for Becca and I not getting fried…sunscreen is our friend.

our sweet new tanks

beach bound

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. ooooh yeah.

Seriously, I’m about to pee my pants out of sheer excitement. I am hours away from Spring Break, and one day away from being in Flo-Rida. Literally cannot wait to spend a week with six of my favorite people. I think my friend Chelcie says it best. SB is just not the same without these girls. Three cheers for another memorable week in the sun together and a forecast of sunny with (basically) 0% chance of rain ALL-WEEK-LONG. Thanks, for your (hopefully) accurate 10-day forecast. Rain or shine, I am beyond thankful for this coming week. Thankful for the chance to rest and laugh and spend time with people I love.

Shout out to my BFF4L Sass-a-frass-Cass who will be turning the big two-one on 3-16-11. LOVE YOUR GUTS.