Today I graduated from college.

I flipped my tassel to the left.

Meg and I forgot to carry our diploma tubes to the stage.

I giggled whilst shaking Chancellor Chimmy the Cheek’s hand.

I got yelled at by the camera man.

A failed attempt at throwing my cap in the air dominated a girl’s head. Oops.

I ate lunch with my family.

I ate leftover dessert-yumminess from my lil-fam-party last night.

I ran errands with my mama.

I loved the pun–conGRADulations.

I tried on lots of dresses at Target and didn’t buy a single one.

I was reminded by a friend that Jesus wants me to come before him like a little child–ready to trust and fully expectant.

I was hugged really tight by friends.

I realized graduating college is very much a real thing, even though it doesn’t seem real. And it’s a really big thing. But it’s not the thing. And I will still eat left-overs and I will still keep learning and I will still attempt to bring in more than six items into the Target dressing room.





the latest

In the style of my friend Chelcie, I decided to make a list of a few things that have gone down in the life of Jennifer Campbell.

Spring Fling.

This was, by far, my favorite picture of the night. My seester and my new teammate at Webb. They owned that dance floor, as you can tell. Thankful for my friends at “the Tim” who hosted this super fun fling. I will never, ever turn down a dance party. My new wedges were also thankful for another reason to dress up. Jessie and I also learned that being camera girl at things like this are really fun. No one else is taking pictures, so yours are gold–hence the millions of notifications on Facebook.

Small Group Over-Night

Dinner at Lakeside + Oreos and Milk + Spontaneity with L-Clev + Sleepover at Meggie’s lakehouse = W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L

Beyond thankful for these girls that point me to the Truth.

Cinco de Mayo / Graduation Shindig.

In my head, the invitation read as such: “This one goes out to all you people that never had a graduation party. This one’s for YOU!” It was indeed a very fun night. Complete with stick-on mustaches and lots of dips to go with our chips. This particular picture is my favorite because it occurred in delirium after the party ended. Jessie is twirling in her fiesta dress. And I think this was the last picture taken of the red leather couches in the den. (RIP–they are on their way to Flo-Rida with Emma Jane.)

So long, University of Tennessee.

Jessie, Lindsey, I went to Tomato Head to celebrate being done with classes. Our waiter’s shirt said “leave Lindsey a-Lohan” and I treated myself to pizza. We also snapped some solo shots of us with our “I’m done with college and I’m excited about it” faces. And no, my tongue is not pierced in this picture.

Emma’s big move.

This picture was taken right before we dined like queens. Thanks to the Brooks, we ate shrimp, chicken, and steak–all cooked on the grill. I don’t think my body has seen that much protein all year. It was bitter sweet–celebrating her graduation and also knowing she would be moving the next day. I walked through college with this girl from day one. I’m so thankful she’s my friend and I’m so excited for her as she embarks on this new, big-girl adventure!

Welp, I’m walking across the stage tomorrow bright and early. Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll wear a Superman costume under my robe like Grantlyn McCartney.

the one where i’m almost done with college

I literally have one day of class left at the University of Tennessee. SAY WHAT?? Whenever I think about it for too long, I definitely have a major out of body experience. I’m super excited about the coming days and weeks and months–getting celebrate this weird transition with lots of people that I love. I’m excited about the fall; it gives me good butterflies–learning how to teach (going to school, to be a teacher is a funny concept when you think about it) and hopefully finding a big girl job along with it. In all the excitement and happy-nervous-jitters, I’ve also been feeling really nostalgic. Looking back over the past four years is kind of overwhelming…there are so many memories and so many things that I’ve learned. Maybe I can pinpoint a handful of things that stick out.

Learning what it means to live in light of The Gospel — That time when Jessie and I slipped and slid into fall…and yellow jackets — Small group with Lauren. And her banana bread — Scream-Singing in the Cheetah kitchen — Learning to be honest with people — Raves at Hodges Library — That time when our house had fleas, a gas leak, broken AC, etc…all in one semester — Meeting/crying/laughing with Jen at Panera — Laughing alot — Crying alot — Never having enough Tom-Head — Learning to try to live in the present and not worry about the future — Summer Bible study with Steph — Finally majoring in something other than “undecided” #englishmajor — Watching The Bachelor on Monday nights — Conversations on the back porch swing — Dance Parties — Young Life at Webb — New Years in Nashville — freaking out about who to ask to date parties freshman year — running from Laurel to the Lane Kiffin riot, complete with burning mattresses — Learning the importance of community and authenticity — Working at Cedar Springs with LTP aka best job ever — Walks at the boulevard — Road trips with friends — Learning that peace from the Lord is like manna…perfect provision for each day — Running up and down the halls of Laurel when the power went out — Learning to lay my insecurities at the feet of Jesus — Eating with Ben & Jerry in Humes — Anxiously awaiting each episode of LOST — Learning what it looks like to stand in the grace and righteousness of Christ — Desiring to treasure Christ most and learning to trust Him

Whoa baby. I feel like I just word vomited all over this post. That stuff might not make sense to anyone but me. And that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. I love that the Lord has been walking with me through all of it. I love that He draws me to himself so creatively…whether it be as I scream-sing in the kitchen or as I go for a walk or as I cry my eyes out or as I jam out driving down the road or as I laugh til I pee my pants.  He walked before me in all of it and he goes before me now!


“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” Colossians 1:17

Then the LORD said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day.” Exodus 16