baby we were young

Got a little mathematical equation for ya:

Cafe 4 + The Dirty Guvs + 4 friends =

People watching

Delicious food and even better company.

Dancing x 100

Laughter. The limit does not exist.

Thanks, sweet Becca, for bringing us along to enjoy your Christmas present along side of you!




I’m enjoying a much-needed fall break.

On Thursday, my wonderful mother and I embarked on a little road trip to Hot-lanta. Seeing Sara Bareilles in concert was our final destination and sole purpose for this little mommy-daughter bonding trip.


Is it bad that I kinda want to be her? The girl has mad skills on the keys and a voice that will make you say “wooooo.” If you have not seen her/heard her music–enter the wonderful world of youtube right now. She is an incredible performer. And on top of that–she has sass like you wouldn’t believe.

After scavengin’ the sale rack at Urban, eating a ballin’ mexican dinner, and jammin’ out to Sara at the Variety Playhouse–I’d say our whirl-wind-of-a-trip was a success!