stuffed pep rally

So you know how I struggle hard-core when it comes to cooking? Well, my confidence is starting to slowly build after my taste buds were giving me some positive “feed”-back based on a Tuesday night success in the kitchen. Ryan and I–(no, not my usual Sous Chef, Boyardee)–decided we wanted to whip up some grub. So I went Pinteresting (duh) and got a little ambitious. We landed on some blog that was boasting of stuffed peppers. Looked legit, sounded easy enough, and our eyes were super hungry after staring at pictures of food.

I am definitely not a food blogger; therefore, I will not be going into detail on how to make these babies.

But this is where I got the recipe–

Fact: If it smells good, it probably tastes good. I had high hopes after smelling it sizzle in the oven.

Fact: He could be on “Chopped”.

Fact: Av (aka avocado) makes everything taste better.

Fact: Cooking is fun when there are no explosions!


It was delicious. And I got to eat some for lunch the next day. Leftovers are


pan to-the cakes

my favorite math equation:

breakfast + dinner = brinner

My little sister (and soon to be fellow student at the UTK) and I had a pancake party. A peanut butter pancake party to be exact. For once in my life, I did the cooking instead of Jules, who is the Campbell culinary master. This was a monumental occasion considering that everything I do in the kitchen is generally a great disaster. Ask around. I’m realizing that cooking is not meant to be intimidating. So I’ve been trying to up my cooking skillzz over the past month and try out a little thing called domesticity (a trait of true womanhood: shoutout to Dr. Papke and Women’s Lit) —and by cooking, I really mean baking. Pancakes, however, are a step up from baking…not quite legit cooking, but I’m getting there. I followed the directions, which is verrrry big step for me, and the product was actually edible…another plus.

If I can make them, I guarentee you even a small child could. I have high hopes that I’ll have more successful kitchen adventures soon. Over and out.