road trip

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up and give you a little run-down on what went down before we made it to our final destination, the Big Ole Apple.

Remember that one time I rode the Mega Bus to New York?

Yeah, it was awesome.

Jammin' to the Beats with Dr. Dre.

The first leg of the journey brought us to DC. The Mega-Bus is a lovely thing, let me tell you. I partook of some Tylenol PM after boarding our Double Decker beauty of vehicle late Friday night, completely zonked out, and ta-da woke up to the sun rising over Capitol City. Okay so maybe it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep of my life (and Jules probably would say it wasn’t the coolest she’s ever been), but for the most part it was all good in the hood…and we made it!

 We b-bopped around the city all day with “I am a tourist and I have no shame” written across our foreheads. (Not really). But really. I love being touristy and checkin’ out all the must see places. And in DC, there are a ridiculous amount of these spots. Conveniently for the exercise enthusiasts, these “must-sees” –aka things that are marble and white– are deceivingly far away from each other which causes a high frequency of speed walking to occur in a short amount of time. Let’s just saw my hammies and quads are still burning. Eesh.

 I took appoximately a bagillion pictures of what I thought were cool/weird/random/beautiful people, places, and things (also known as a little thing I like to call “nouns”). But here are just a few snap shots to give a little picture of our whirl wind adventure in DC before we hopped on another double-decker bus that dropped us off in the streets of Manhattan…

Oh St. Patty's Day. Lots of stuff going on. And lots of green going on.

I love coffee. Holla back Cheetahs. We love Coconut Creamer.


Look at that green fountain supporting our Irish friends. How diplomatic.

Honest Abe + Jules with Abe's Penny

Rando cutie with FDR's pup.

The Cherry Blossoms were breath-taking!

Therefore, cool men were painting them.

I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence. Get in the Cage.

And now…

Presenting my favorite picture taken in the District of Colombia…

For those of you that don’t know, it’s a recreation of one of the greatest picture of all-time…

There ya go, peeps. Loved every minute of trompin’ around DC for the day.


We finally arrived in New York. I mentioned this earlier , but literally the bus dropped us off on the side of the street a couple of blocks from Times Square with our luggage and all. Meanwhile, we were a midst all the happy Irish and non-Irish folks celebrating St. Patty’s day, plus all the Ranger fans flooding out of MSG. It was quite a sight to see. (Not cool enough to sight-see, but it was pretty funny).

Here are some pictures that resulted from meandering around Manhattan looking for food.

NY hearts St. Patrick's Day

This one's for you, Mom. #ModFamFan

Jules loves tweeting at Brian Williams. Don't worry, he tweeted back at her later that night.

And to think, all of this super great stuff happened before we even “officially” started up for the week. Love it. Can’t wait to share more stories about new places I’ve seen and people I’ve met, but I wanted to recount how we got here and what we experienced along the way! Love me some road trips.




Preface: Facebook message sometime in January from my dear friend, Rebecca Cox, reads something like this: “I want to take the Megabus to Washington DC for my birthday. Who’s down?”


And that is just what we did. I want to say that we’re spontaneous…but it was more of a planned sponaneity. So I’m going to go with “adventurous” (which is cooler anyway). For those of you who do not know the glory that is Megabus. Check it out at and prepare to feast your eyes on some awesomeness.

We departed from the K-Town bus stop at 10:30 Friday night, drove through the night with more sleep than I thought was ever possible on a bus, and arrived around 7:30am the next morning with Capitol City calling our name. Sidenote: DC is way cooler when you are over the age of 12 and NOT wearing a AAA yellow safety patrol hat along with hundreds of other 5th graders, jusssayin.

We saw all the high points. You know you love em: the one and only capitol building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, a couple Smithsonians, the Holocaust Museum, the back yard of the White House, shopping at Georgetown, the Metro, Jumbo Slice Pizza, etc. And since museums are free and the hotel was muy cheap-o and the ride was basically free…I spent more money on food than anything else (am i surprised?) and I would have laid down every dime to my name in a dramatic fashion if it meant I could have limitless Strawberry Lava Fudge cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes (whatup DC Cupcakes compliments of TLC).

I laughed so much and so hard: a) because my friends are funny b) because we rode a bus to DC for <$8 and c) because my friends are funny. I know that years from now we’ll be saying, “Hey, remember that time we went to our nation’s capitol on the Megabus? Yeah, that was sweet.”