sharp shootin’

This past Tuesday night, the Cam-fam went out on the town. Yes my friends, we went to the shooting range.

Tuesday Night = LADIES’ NIGHT.

Females get to shoot free, people. Can I get a what-what! Dad had been trying to get us all to go for some time now and we finally caved. Once we got there, I have to say that I was pretty darn freaked out. For two main reasons: a.) I’m a drama queen. and b.) There were 10 other lanes of people shooting…aka bullets flying everywhere (well not everywhere)…but I toootally had a valid reason to be a teensy bit dramatic. Once I actually started shooting the target though, it wasn’t half bad. Probably won’t be a regular on Ladies’ Night, but it was definitely a memorable experience and quality daddy-daughter time.

PS: Even though you can’t see the bullet marks cause they’re so tiny, I totally DOMINATED my target (trust me). Hit dat bull’s eye like it was my full-time job (for the most part).

Note to self: Having Pat Benatar stuck in your head at the shooting range…not the most soothing melody you could hum. For real, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” was stuck in my head. Not funny.