the latest

In the style of my friend Chelcie, I decided to make a list of a few things that have gone down in the life of Jennifer Campbell.

Spring Fling.

This was, by far, my favorite picture of the night. My seester and my new teammate at Webb. They owned that dance floor, as you can tell. Thankful for my friends at “the Tim” who hosted this super fun fling. I will never, ever turn down a dance party. My new wedges were also thankful for another reason to dress up. Jessie and I also learned that being camera girl at things like this are really fun. No one else is taking pictures, so yours are gold–hence the millions of notifications on Facebook.

Small Group Over-Night

Dinner at Lakeside + Oreos and Milk + Spontaneity with L-Clev + Sleepover at Meggie’s lakehouse = W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L

Beyond thankful for these girls that point me to the Truth.

Cinco de Mayo / Graduation Shindig.

In my head, the invitation read as such: “This one goes out to all you people that never had a graduation party. This one’s for YOU!” It was indeed a very fun night. Complete with stick-on mustaches and lots of dips to go with our chips. This particular picture is my favorite because it occurred in delirium after the party ended. Jessie is twirling in her fiesta dress. And I think this was the last picture taken of the red leather couches in the den. (RIP–they are on their way to Flo-Rida with Emma Jane.)

So long, University of Tennessee.

Jessie, Lindsey, I went to Tomato Head to celebrate being done with classes. Our waiter’s shirt said “leave Lindsey a-Lohan” and I treated myself to pizza. We also snapped some solo shots of us with our “I’m done with college and I’m excited about it” faces. And no, my tongue is not pierced in this picture.

Emma’s big move.

This picture was taken right before we dined like queens. Thanks to the Brooks, we ate shrimp, chicken, and steak–all cooked on the grill. I don’t think my body has seen that much protein all year. It was bitter sweet–celebrating her graduation and also knowing she would be moving the next day. I walked through college with this girl from day one. I’m so thankful she’s my friend and I’m so excited for her as she embarks on this new, big-girl adventure!

Welp, I’m walking across the stage tomorrow bright and early. Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll wear a Superman costume under my robe like Grantlyn McCartney.



Lots n lots of roommate-lovin’ has been going down lately and I FREAKING LOVE IT.

Dancing and scream-singing in the kitchen is my favorite end to a long day.

This Friday, the Cheetahs (my roomies) went to Emma’s mentor’s mountain house in Cherokee National Forest aka middle-of-nowhere/boonies/into-the-wild/perfect-getaway. It was such a breath of fresh air (literally). This cabin is completely HANDMADE. (I know all houses are…but when it’s just two dudes it seems a whole lot cooler.) It took them two years to build it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I like to call it the luxurious Lincoln log cabin.

We came, we danced, we ate, we sat on the back deck, we cuddled on the couch, we painted nails, we laughed, we picked flowers, we talked about life.

It was the-bomb.

For Sunday lunch, we ate lunch at P.F. Changs compliments of our reimbursement of already buying a Christmas tree from Raise the Tree, then winning a free tree from a twitter contest. PTL that gift cards never expire.

Sesame chicken + Diet Coke + Great Wall of Chocolate + Banana Spring Rolls + Funny fortune = FREE yumminess

So thankful for quality time with my roommates!


Saturday was a day of celebration.

I slept til 11. Whoa baby. Reason #1 to celebrate. Woke up refreshed and rested. Knowing it was a new day. And ate some yogurt + granola + strawberries. YUM.

I got to celebrate Toni, a fellow Webb Young Life teammate, and her birthday with several friends that afternoon. We surprised her with balloons, flowers, and a special little present to let her know how much we love and appreciate her. It was so sweet to catch up with friends I hadn’t spent time with in quite a while!  Loved every minute of just chillin’ out in a warm house at the Lawler residence.

Then I was able to celebrate one of my bestest friends, Rebecca Marshall Cox, and her 22nd year-o-living her life. Rocking it old school, we went to Silver Spoon and laughed so hard. Our waiter, Spencer, had his hands full to say the least. Then we got together with a bunch of girls (+ a few token boys) and danced our hearts out at a little gem of a place called Sassy Ann’s as requested by the Birthday Girl! It was such a fun night. I’m so thankful to have these girls to walk through life with.

beautiful birthday girl, rockin' her new do.

teach me how to wobble

This picture makes me laugh. Ocean and Aubriana (two of Jessie’s Austin East Young Life girls) teaching some of the Cheetahs + Jules how to legit “Wobble” the other night. Hilarious. Not to be confused with teaching us how to Dougie. It’s my new favorite line dance. Please note Ocean literally moving my body and Aubriana LOLing. Love these girls and the way that Jessie loves them out of a heart for Jesus on a daily basis.