This weekend was long, restful, full of beautiful autumn weather, and praying for friends at Windy Gap. Let me give you some highlights…

I was absolutely in love with the weather this weekend. I’m so thankful I got to get outside and enjoy it. I wasn’t stuck inside studying…three cheers for a light load of school work this week! I was able to go for a walk with my mama, tail-gate a little bit before the game, spend time with my mom and dad cheering on the Vols, park it on a bench and read a book (for fun), and sit on my back porch swing. Hands down, fall is my fave.

Not only do I love fall weather, but I love the taste of fall. This weekend makes round 2 of pumpkin goodies I’ve made since October hit (the first being cece’s famous pumpkin bread)–I’m on a roll! I decided to brave the kitchen and make pumpkin-choco-chip muffins Friday afternoon so we could munch on them all weekend. They actually tasted pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I’ve been attempting to bake/cook a teeensy bit more since I tend to struggle in that department. I don’t have any pictures to prove that I made them…so you’re gonna have to take my word for it.

On Friday night, I got to eat yummy Mexican food, sit next to my friend & roommate Brittany Taylor, and watch her be dominated by whipped cream while wearing a sombrero…all to celebrate her birthday! We got to sit out on the Cheetah back porch the night before (her actual day of birth) and enjoy the glorious fall evening weather, but we extended the celebration for a birthday dinner the next night. My motto is, you should celebrate your Birthweek…not just your Birthday. DUH.

I also got to hang out with this kid most of the weekend! “The funny sister” as all my roommates have dubbed her. I love that the Cheetah is your home-away-from-home.

After the tough loss to the Tigers, we finished Friday Night Lights. Done-zo. Over. Gone. When we finally finished the finale at 1:30 in the morning–aka waaaay past my bedtime–Meredith and I’s depression ensued. I’m being a little dramatic, but not really. It was totally bittersweet finishing the series…happy because of course we wanted to see what happened, but sad because it’s OVER. Although, word on the skreet is that a movie is in the works with all of the same characters…Ryan’s guess is that it’ll be called Clear Eyes Full Hearts. I’m crossing my fingers! You better believe I’d be at the midnight showing. I love you, Coach Eric Taylor.

That’s all for now. Guess I better go start watching Parenthood now that FNL is over. (kidding. kind of).

This is how I feel today…

Happy Monday!


fallin’ hard for fall.

It’s sweater weather baby!

If I could snuggle up with a season, it would be Mr. Autumn. Jeans/yellow cardigan/scarf is once again my permanent wardrobe. Fall is my favorite. Always has, probably always will be. Let’s face it. Fall just smells good. It smells like pumpkins and apple cider and cornucopias and everything yummmmmy.

Fall always seems like the shortest season. Maybe it’s because I love it so much. Maybe it’s because it’s actually shorter and I didn’t pay attention in Geography 331 when we talked about the Fall Equinox. Either way, I’m going to fill up on Fall X. I’m going to soak up every second of my most favorite season: Full-Fledged-Fall. I’ve decided to celebrate Thanksgiving early–and often.

Lovin’ you alot, October.