Today I graduated from college.

I flipped my tassel to the left.

Meg and I forgot to carry our diploma tubes to the stage.

I giggled whilst shaking Chancellor Chimmy the Cheek’s hand.

I got yelled at by the camera man.

A failed attempt at throwing my cap in the air dominated a girl’s head. Oops.

I ate lunch with my family.

I ate leftover dessert-yumminess from my lil-fam-party last night.

I ran errands with my mama.

I loved the pun–conGRADulations.

I tried on lots of dresses at Target and didn’t buy a single one.

I was reminded by a friend that Jesus wants me to come before him like a little child–ready to trust and fully expectant.

I was hugged really tight by friends.

I realized graduating college is very much a real thing, even though it doesn’t seem real. And it’s a really big thing. But it’s not the thing. And I will still eat left-overs and I will still keep learning and I will still attempt to bring in more than six items into the Target dressing room.