Lots n lots of roommate-lovin’ has been going down lately and I FREAKING LOVE IT.

Dancing and scream-singing in the kitchen is my favorite end to a long day.

This Friday, the Cheetahs (my roomies) went to Emma’s mentor’s mountain house in Cherokee National Forest aka middle-of-nowhere/boonies/into-the-wild/perfect-getaway. It was such a breath of fresh air (literally). This cabin is completely HANDMADE. (I know all houses are…but when it’s just two dudes it seems a whole lot cooler.) It took them two years to build it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I like to call it the luxurious Lincoln log cabin.

We came, we danced, we ate, we sat on the back deck, we cuddled on the couch, we painted nails, we laughed, we picked flowers, we talked about life.

It was the-bomb.

For Sunday lunch, we ate lunch at P.F. Changs compliments of our reimbursement of already buying a Christmas tree from Raise the Tree, then winning a free tree from a twitter contest. PTL that gift cards never expire.

Sesame chicken + Diet Coke + Great Wall of Chocolate + Banana Spring Rolls + Funny fortune = FREE yumminess

So thankful for quality time with my roommates!


shoot a bird

(a clay bird, that is. not the middle finger.)

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I bruise like a peach.
  2. I shoot like a girl.

and #2 enhances #1.

Dad, Jules, and I went on a clay shootin’ extravaganza last week in Washburn, TN. Holler. It was a beautiful day. We were totally out in the boonies and I absolutely loved it. The place was kind of like a frisbee golf course–only instead of throwing frisbees, you shoot clay discs that fly out of no where pretending to be feux birds. Our trapper, Jonah, went to Granger County High School and was an absolute character. He told us he ran the school–top of his class, the school mascott, ‘nough said. It’s pretty safe to say he made fun of me every time I shot the gun. Which was 50 times. Oh, and I only hit 4 clays with all of those 50 shots. So I suppose he had reason to make fun of me.

Shout out to Groupon for the kickin’ deal. (That’s probably more of a shout out from Dad since he paid.)

Loved spending the afternoon with Pops and Julesy. Cheers to learning how to successfully load a 12-gauge shotgun. Maybe next time I’ll improve my gun holding and aiming skills.


Saturday was a day of celebration.

I slept til 11. Whoa baby. Reason #1 to celebrate. Woke up refreshed and rested. Knowing it was a new day. And ate some yogurt + granola + strawberries. YUM.

I got to celebrate Toni, a fellow Webb Young Life teammate, and her birthday with several friends that afternoon. We surprised her with balloons, flowers, and a special little present to let her know how much we love and appreciate her. It was so sweet to catch up with friends I hadn’t spent time with in quite a while!  Loved every minute of just chillin’ out in a warm house at the Lawler residence.

Then I was able to celebrate one of my bestest friends, Rebecca Marshall Cox, and her 22nd year-o-living her life. Rocking it old school, we went to Silver Spoon and laughed so hard. Our waiter, Spencer, had his hands full to say the least. Then we got together with a bunch of girls (+ a few token boys) and danced our hearts out at a little gem of a place called Sassy Ann’s as requested by the Birthday Girl! It was such a fun night. I’m so thankful to have these girls to walk through life with.

beautiful birthday girl, rockin' her new do.

teach me how to wobble

This picture makes me laugh. Ocean and Aubriana (two of Jessie’s Austin East Young Life girls) teaching some of the Cheetahs + Jules how to legit “Wobble” the other night. Hilarious. Not to be confused with teaching us how to Dougie. It’s my new favorite line dance. Please note Ocean literally moving my body and Aubriana LOLing. Love these girls and the way that Jessie loves them out of a heart for Jesus on a daily basis.


green slope

Today I had my last first day of class at the University of Tennessee. I could sing a melancholy ballad mashed with an upbeat melody about how I’m feeling right now…but that would just be dramatic and silly. So instead I’m going to take you back a week…

This time last week I was chilling in Buena Vista, Colorado at Trail West.

beautiful view from our back porch

Approximately 24 hours, 3 movies, several car games, and 2 tylenol pm later, we made it from K-Town, TN to the rocky Rockies. It was technically a “ski-trip” but I’d like to call it a “people-trip”. That’s what sticks out to me when I think back over the week. I picture laughing histerically, dancing like a mad woman, weeping at Shawshank Redemption, skiing on green slopes, and awwing with each other over creation and over streets named Sunflower Lane. I loved being with these people. In new friends and old friends, across the board, I saw my Creator. I saw the life he offers in unexpected ways–laughing, sitting still with someone beside you, eating/chatting with people, doing a puzzle, taking pictures, and the list goes on. It was just good. So here are a few pictchas…

go team go

I embarked on a new endeavor a couple weeks ago.

I joined my first ever fantasy football league.

It consists of 8 girls who enjoy fake trash-talkin’ more than the game itself. Actually…scratch that. We’re surprisingly all pretty into it. At least I know I am. I’ve watched probably three whole NFL games by myself this season so far (and by whole I mean it was on the whole time–my eyes may or may not have been closed during portions). Regardless, this is a big deal. I’m starting to learn the names of players and cool stuff like that. My brain does not know what to do with this new information.

I’ve also learned that I need to go with my amateur instinct and follow my heart. Contrary to popular belief, Cam Newton did indeed score alot of points in week 2…even though he was playing against the Green Bay defense. (aaand even though he threw alot of interceptions and lost?? why is this? the scoring system is still such a mystery to me.) So now I lost to Becca Jones…and that makes me 0 for 2. Not off to a great start. But hey, slow and steady wins the race, right? Maybe not in fantasy football, folks. Only time will tell.

I’ve also learned that I can’t dump players when they have one bad week. My take on the situation was this: Hey. You stunk. This ain’t no baseball game. This is fantasy football, people. You don’t have three strikes. You’re outta here. But apparently I was wrong in thinking that. Oops. Sorry for dropping you, Matt and Sam (Cassel and Bradford–we’re on a first name basis), I’m a beginner…enjoy your new teams.

I’m learning life lessons.

Follow your heart.

Give people second chances.

This is good stuff. I love fantasy football.


It’s been far too long, bloggies.

I’m gonna save the drama for yo mama and not go into every detail of the first 24 hours of SBXI. Long story short:

our condominium!

upon our arrival at the Cabana Cay (our destination in scenic Panama City Beach), we find out we cannot check in because we have one too many humans. Thus, we are homeless and roam the Winn Dixie parking lot for a couple hours until we are rescued by the wonderful, heroic Lori Baine, precious angel aunt of Chelcie Crawford. We sleep in the den of her mother in law’s condo, wake up the next day, and begin our quest to find a place to stay for the remainder of the week. And PTL we were given a little blessing of a condo in Seagrove! Significantly cheaper and less sketchy, we were beyond thrilled to have a place to lay our heads and a refrigerator to house our beach turkey sandwiches. It really was a gift and a vivid reminder of the wayour God provides for us in such clear, practical ways.

if you really knew me, you'd know that this is my favorite pose for picture taking. it never fails.

This bumpy start really set us up to enjoy every minute of the rest of the week. We would randomly say, “Is this real life? Did that really happen?” Even though we wouldn’t have hand picked being stranded and helpless in a Winn Dixie parking lot, I really am thankful for the way it all panned out. There was a more beautiful condo waiting for us. (Strikingly similar to life, eh?) Gah, I love metaphors.

The rest of the week was filled to the brim with laughter, long walks on the beach, the Bachelor finale, seafood, lots of pictures of Logan Thress, attempting to stay up late, sunscreen, Micky D’s, being pretend boys and falling in love with March Madness, dance parties, raspberry sherbet, Happy St. Patris Days, and much, much more.

a truck honked at the exact moment this picture was taken

So glad I got to live under the same roof (and so glad that we actually had a roof) with six of my favorite people for a week. Three cheers for Becca and I not getting fried…sunscreen is our friend.

our sweet new tanks


Preface: Facebook message sometime in January from my dear friend, Rebecca Cox, reads something like this: “I want to take the Megabus to Washington DC for my birthday. Who’s down?”


And that is just what we did. I want to say that we’re spontaneous…but it was more of a planned sponaneity. So I’m going to go with “adventurous” (which is cooler anyway). For those of you who do not know the glory that is Megabus. Check it out at and prepare to feast your eyes on some awesomeness.

We departed from the K-Town bus stop at 10:30 Friday night, drove through the night with more sleep than I thought was ever possible on a bus, and arrived around 7:30am the next morning with Capitol City calling our name. Sidenote: DC is way cooler when you are over the age of 12 and NOT wearing a AAA yellow safety patrol hat along with hundreds of other 5th graders, jusssayin.

We saw all the high points. You know you love em: the one and only capitol building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, a couple Smithsonians, the Holocaust Museum, the back yard of the White House, shopping at Georgetown, the Metro, Jumbo Slice Pizza, etc. And since museums are free and the hotel was muy cheap-o and the ride was basically free…I spent more money on food than anything else (am i surprised?) and I would have laid down every dime to my name in a dramatic fashion if it meant I could have limitless Strawberry Lava Fudge cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes (whatup DC Cupcakes compliments of TLC).

I laughed so much and so hard: a) because my friends are funny b) because we rode a bus to DC for <$8 and c) because my friends are funny. I know that years from now we’ll be saying, “Hey, remember that time we went to our nation’s capitol on the Megabus? Yeah, that was sweet.”

thumbs up for july

Ah, July. I am loving July, and I’m trying really hard not to see that August is looming in the very near future. Don’t get me wrong. Lots-o-great stuff is totally going down in August…just trying to be present in the beauty that is: July.

The past week has been super-dee-duper filled to the brim with FUN.

This past Friday, the Cam Fam loaded up in the car and headed off to Charlotte, NC. After lots and lots of traffic. A blessed event took place in the lives of the Campbell sisters. John-Mayer-Con-Cert. My (not so baby) baby sister experienced seeing JM for the very first time. Decked out in a white shirt and white rolled up pants, complete with blue Converse and a blue bandana around his head…John was lookin’ purty fly, if I do say so myself. We screamed, we sang, we smiled. ALOT. It was definitely some good quality sista-sista bonding time. It was bitter sweet since Cassie Lew wasn’t there to scream along with us…buuuut let’s be honest. We will be seeing him again at some point.

thumbs up for john

We also were able to stay with my mom’s cousin Matt and his wife Val. Their BEYOND presh three year old daughter, Holland, kept us more than entertained for the short time we were able to visit with them. She was mesmerized with my green phone (which is only cool in the wonderful world of toddlers) and my silly bands. Holland was cute enough to jack my silly bands, and I laughed watching Jules weasel her way out of giving her beloved Buzz Lightyear band away.

After that whirl wind of a wonderful trip, Rebecca Cox and I embarked on our highly anticipated Nashville roadtrip to pay a visit to Sarah Bellott. I love Nashville. I want to live there one day. I love that I’m starting to become familiar with it, but still get very lost and end up making loops around 440.

Let me just say, I spent way too much money on food that was worth every penny. I could seriously go on and on about this one restaurant we ate at called “Burger Up.” The turkey burger, sweet potato fries, and homemade ketchup I had were di-vine. Not to mention, “Pied Piper”–the icecream shop sent from heaven. I ordered a cup of “Trailer Trash” which was yummy, yummy in my tummy. Vanilla icecream + oreos + every-candy-you-can-imagine = ridonkulously gooood. Okay, enough about food…

Highlight of the trip: Meeting up with Jessie (aka future roomie and one of my fave people currently) and stompin’ on downtown to the Wildhorse Saloon in our western attire. Un-believable. I laughed so hard. Not only was (what we think was) Melissa Etheridge’s daughter providing the musical entertainment — she came down to our table while singing “Old Time Rock & Roll,” put the mic in front of me and instead of me singing the correct lyrics…I sang/gurgled a bunch of almost-words. Hello, I am cool. The greatest laughs, however, came from our valiant attempts at creating our own line dance and a rando-woman thinking Jessie was the instructor. I deeply wish someone had been there to video tape. Lucky for us, we had the handy-dandy self timer to help out with capturing some memories.

a small taste of our laughter

So thankful for sweet friends and family, roadtrips, and laughs that leave me wishing I did sit-ups more often.

awkward new girl in town.

Dear Blog-of-Mine,

Pleased to meet you. I’m the awkward new girl that may or may not stick around. Let’s go into this thing with absolutely no expectations, and that way neither of us will be disappointed in the end if it doesn’t work out. Let’s face it: if this is anything like my endearing-scrapbooking-aspiration, it will go down the tubes reeeeal fast. I have high hopes to be a ballin’ blogger, so we’ll see where the wind blows. 

I’m gonna be straight up. Here are my insecurites concerning you, Blog-of-Mine…

  1. You intimidate me. I’m not nearly cool enough to have a blog.
  2. Frankly, I don’t even know how this work.

I can’t really think of a third insecurity, so maybe this could be the start of something maaah-velous. Let’s give this thing a shot. I’m down. Only time will tell…