shoot a bird

(a clay bird, that is. not the middle finger.)

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I bruise like a peach.
  2. I shoot like a girl.

and #2 enhances #1.

Dad, Jules, and I went on a clay shootin’ extravaganza last week in Washburn, TN. Holler. It was a beautiful day. We were totally out in the boonies and I absolutely loved it. The place was kind of like a frisbee golf course–only instead of throwing frisbees, you shoot clay discs that fly out of no where pretending to be feux birds. Our trapper, Jonah, went to Granger County High School and was an absolute character. He told us he ran the school–top of his class, the school mascott, ‘nough said. It’s pretty safe to say he made fun of me every time I shot the gun. Which was 50 times. Oh, and I only hit 4 clays with all of those 50 shots. So I suppose he had reason to make fun of me.

Shout out to Groupon for the kickin’ deal. (That’s probably more of a shout out from Dad since he paid.)

Loved spending the afternoon with Pops and Julesy. Cheers to learning how to successfully load a 12-gauge shotgun. Maybe next time I’ll improve my gun holding and aiming skills.


day in the mountains

It seems to be a growing trend that I just blog about what the previous weekend consisted of…maybe I’ll blog about a day beginning with something other than Fri or Sat one of these days.

But today…I am going to rehash my Saturday because it was super noteworthy. Jules and I drove over the river and through the woods to meet up with our parents who were camping with two other couples.

On the way, we made a pit stop at a little gem of a thrift store called “Frugals” where we rummaged through lots-o-stuff and found some treasures…including several t-shirts, a throw-back Nike windbreaker, a couple flannel shirts, a skirt that will soon be hemmed, and drum roll please….The Notebook on DVD. Hey, it was 3 buckaroos. Why the heck not!?

The leaves were absolutely stunning. I was the goober leaning out the window attempting to capture their beauty…

It was a restful day full of sitting by the camp fire, playing cards, skipping rocks in the creek, and watching the boys fish. The day was topped off with eating cobbler, making smores, and listening to the UT v. Bama game on the radio. I loved getting to hang out with my family in the mountains. They’re in my backyard…I definitely don’t venture up there enough! Everywhere I looked, I saw the hand of my Creator. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure…

Moral of the story: go to the mountains if you haven’t yet this fall!

chimney sleeps

This past Friday, I was in bed by 10:00 pm. I repeat, ten-o-clock-pm. It was glorious. I definitely was still in need of catching up on sleep after our Megafun Extravaganza. I slept like a ROCK, and woke up feeling like a new woman. So catching some early zzz’s on a Friday night was one of my weekend highlights. I am not ashamed.

Then on Saturday afternoon, five other girls and I ventured in Abby’s new jeep (RIP Landice) to the Smokey Mountains to hike the Chimneys. Loved every minute of it—even though I was huffing and puffing for the majority of the completely uphill, completely steep trek. I certainly was not leading the pack (Thanks to my shorty, short legs and out of shape bod). I loved getting to enjoy the beauty of the mountains while also enjoying time with my dear friends. 

Can’t wait to venture back and blaze a trail when spring arrives.