Oh prom pictures, you just gotta love ’em. On Saturday, I got to play “mom” and take pictures of some sophomore girls that went to Webb’s prom! It was so fun to be excited with them. They all were complete knock-outs! I definitely did not look that hott when I went to prom. Total babes, I tell ya. I love that they wanted me there with them. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else!

Macy, Gabby, Mary Heyward, and Katherine posing with me…

Sweet Katherine was absolutely beautiful!

Babe-Alert: Gabby and her funny-boy date, Dillon.

Presenting: My fave high school couple… Katherine and Lewis

Macy hurt her foot playing volleyball, but was still wearing her high heels like a rock-star. Definitely a braver woman than I.

Love these girls alot alot.

And I’m extra pumped that Gabby and Mary Heyward will be going to Frontier with me at the end of May!



My photography professor just told me that these are really nice pictures. Therefore, I like them even more. Plus, Jules is a babe. Glad I didn’t make it into his “what-not-to-do” hall of fame.


meet leighton.

This is the girl I spend my day with on Thursdays.

She’ll be one year old in May.

She’s a doll and a half.

She has more hair every week.

She’s teething. Thank goodness that’s over for me. Sounds miserable.

She loves her noise machine.

She really likes to look out the window. And to get her to stop crying, you just walk her out on the porch to play with the bushes. I’m predicting she’s going to be an outdoorsy girl.

Her best friends are Mr. Bear and Ryder, her boxer.

Isn’t she precious?

On another note, I ran a half marathon today! I’m icing my bod as I type. Pictures to come!


I have a fever.

And the only prescription is SPRING.

It’s official, people. I have spring fever. Normally, I wouldn’t catch this bad boy til mid March, but the weather and mulch filled air and flowers and playing in the park and ice cream runs have made this fever spring up (pun intended) a couple of degrees a couple weeks early. I mean, who isn’t ready for spring by mid-February? But this weird, bi-polar Knox weather made an early spring seem like a very plausible possibility. And now, it legit is almost real-life spring. Spring Break and all. So I guess my Spring Fever can rise all it wants. Here’s hopin’ the April Showers don’t bring hail and tornadoes along with em.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of the beautiful tree outside my window that’s really been getting me into the spring spirit. I wish I had snapped a picture each morning to track the blooming process. The little blooms looked different every morning until they were full! This tree has been such a beautiful picture to me of our Creator and the way he makes things that were dead into things that are new and alive.

from my window. not too shabby.

and all these blooms started with a baby bud. how cool.

Waking up to this tree every day has been a treat. So thankful for this new season that is peaking it’s head around the corner in so many visible ways! For example: the sunburn on my shoulders and freckles on my nose courtesy of this gorgeous Sunday. Love it.


So I have another project due tomorrow in my photography class and Julesy was helpin’ me out. Here are a few of the many pictures I took that won’t be turned in, but that I love all the same.

Introducing: My stud of a sister. I like learning to take pictures with her as a model.

school is cool

When homework is fun, school isn’t too shabby, my friends. My favorite class, by far, this semester is Photo Journalism with Mr. Heller. I’m still a little intimidated, and probably will be for the rest of the semester, because of all the cool Journalism majors (shout out to my girl Jessie Hoaglin) but I am eating up everything we talk about. I love it. We had our first intro-ish project due today. Basically, we had to turn in six pictures with a little creative spin that told a little bit about who we are, our personality, what we’re about, etc. complete with captions/explanations and taped on a poster board. It was kind of fun to actually have a “project” for school instead of yet another paper so I thought I’d share a little digital version of what I turned in…

Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to be a slight hypo-chondriac on my off-days. I attribute this to my tendency to be slightly dramatic. Oops. Oh, and this is one of my favorite candles. Hilarious. Hey, one loses many laughs not laughing at oneself.

One of the pictures had to have my face in it. I thought I’d take one of me on my favorite/only back-porch-swing I’ve ever owned–errr rented. I love this backporch. So many dance parties, lots of laughter, and great conversations have occurred on/near this swing.

This is my favorite wall in the Cheetah. Mainly because it has pictures that capture the personalities of all my roommates. From snow days, to lake days, fort-chillin’, to being dressed up like divas, to posing with the Washington Monument, and eating out like queens at Parkside or Sonic, I love that this wall holds so many dear memories with sweet friends!

I love tickling the ivories, if you will. I’m no prodigy, but I absolutely love sitting at a piano and playing for hours til my wrists give out.

I love calendars, I love agendas, I love organization.¬†Even though I rarely look at my planner throughout the day, I love writing in it. Can’t pencil in things that will be going down much past May though. SHEEEESH. Help me, Rhonda. Someone ¬†please freeze February, will ya?

I’ve recently figured out that I’m quite the morning person. I love waking up early and drinking coffee (or if no one’s made coffee, I’ll drink hot tea #mooch), eating some b-fast, spending time with Jesus in his words to me, and just being quiet. It roots me as to what my purpose is, it reminds me my need to live in dependence (as opposed to independence), and spurs in me a longing to know him more. Oh, and I absolutely love sitting at our kitchen table in the morning. The sun peaks through the trees and warms our otherwise freezing house. It’s pretty great.

School is cool, people! Happy Humpday.