cue curvy, mountain road jams.

We [ Becca + Chelcie + Becca + Jenn ] went on a little roadtrip to Asheville, North Carolina to meet our dear friend Cassidy Anne Lewis who has been living in Charlotte since August when she started working with the Fellows.

It was such a refreshing time to laugh and talk and just be with my people. I needed this.

We ate lunch at Early Girl. Grilled pimento cheese–yum in my tum.

We soaked up the fall colors. The yellow trees are my favorite.

We ate even more at The Chocolate Lounge. The name of the place was a dead give away that we’d be close buds.

We were goobers walking around Asheville.

We kept talking about what a babe Chelc is with short hair.

But really…how cute is she?!

I got some good face time with my friend.

She’s real. She’s honest. She’s hilarious. She encourages me. She gets me. She points me to truth.

She’s my friend.
We laughed our butts off at Tupelo Honey. Gahlee. My belly has never been so full.

I’m so thankful for these people who are walking through weird life transitions at the same time as me.


thumbs up for july

Ah, July. I am loving July, and I’m trying really hard not to see that August is looming in the very near future. Don’t get me wrong. Lots-o-great stuff is totally going down in August…just trying to be present in the beauty that is: July.

The past week has been super-dee-duper filled to the brim with FUN.

This past Friday, the Cam Fam loaded up in the car and headed off to Charlotte, NC. After lots and lots of traffic. A blessed event took place in the lives of the Campbell sisters. John-Mayer-Con-Cert. My (not so baby) baby sister experienced seeing JM for the very first time. Decked out in a white shirt and white rolled up pants, complete with blue Converse and a blue bandana around his head…John was lookin’ purty fly, if I do say so myself. We screamed, we sang, we smiled. ALOT. It was definitely some good quality sista-sista bonding time. It was bitter sweet since Cassie Lew wasn’t there to scream along with us…buuuut let’s be honest. We will be seeing him again at some point.

thumbs up for john

We also were able to stay with my mom’s cousin Matt and his wife Val. Their BEYOND presh three year old daughter, Holland, kept us more than entertained for the short time we were able to visit with them. She was mesmerized with my green phone (which is only cool in the wonderful world of toddlers) and my silly bands. Holland was cute enough to jack my silly bands, and I laughed watching Jules weasel her way out of giving her beloved Buzz Lightyear band away.

After that whirl wind of a wonderful trip, Rebecca Cox and I embarked on our highly anticipated Nashville roadtrip to pay a visit to Sarah Bellott. I love Nashville. I want to live there one day. I love that I’m starting to become familiar with it, but still get very lost and end up making loops around 440.

Let me just say, I spent way too much money on food that was worth every penny. I could seriously go on and on about this one restaurant we ate at called “Burger Up.” The turkey burger, sweet potato fries, and homemade ketchup I had were di-vine. Not to mention, “Pied Piper”–the icecream shop sent from heaven. I ordered a cup of “Trailer Trash” which was yummy, yummy in my tummy. Vanilla icecream + oreos + every-candy-you-can-imagine = ridonkulously gooood. Okay, enough about food…

Highlight of the trip: Meeting up with Jessie (aka future roomie and one of my fave people currently) and stompin’ on downtown to the Wildhorse Saloon in our western attire. Un-believable. I laughed so hard. Not only was (what we think was) Melissa Etheridge’s daughter providing the musical entertainment — she came down to our table while singing “Old Time Rock & Roll,” put the mic in front of me and instead of me singing the correct lyrics…I sang/gurgled a bunch of almost-words. Hello, I am cool. The greatest laughs, however, came from our valiant attempts at creating our own line dance and a rando-woman thinking Jessie was the instructor. I deeply wish someone had been there to video tape. Lucky for us, we had the handy-dandy self timer to help out with capturing some memories.

a small taste of our laughter

So thankful for sweet friends and family, roadtrips, and laughs that leave me wishing I did sit-ups more often.