halloween = the perfect excuse to look like a complete goober.

my costume = proof of my point.

The Cheetah hosted a little Halloween gathering to give people a reason to really get decked out this year. As “tweens” of childhood and adulthood, we can’t really go trick-or-treating and we can’t take our kids trick-or-treating because we don’t have kids. Thus, the totally rando costume party ensued. I found lots of joy in seeing everyone’s faces turn as the door would open and a new dressed-up person would arrive.

This year’s Halloween was also a perfect excuse to see lots of my favorite people on a not-so-random week night. Normally we go to bed early, but fun costume parties and fun sophomores and juniors in college kept us young last Wednesday.


“Your Mom”

Cow with Pig Tails

Minion from Despicable Me

80’s Skier



Wassup ringlets?

Note: sponge curlers are the bomb.



Yesterday was race day.

(cue “Eye of the Tiger”)

I finished my second half-marathon!

Except this time, I got to run it on familiar streets with sweet friends who encouraged me along the way.

Jessie and I went through our training together: we struggled through long Kingston Pike runs being “those girls” running at 5 o’clock, we climbed mountains when Tyson Park was blocked off, we learned that you have to eat before you run, we laughed so hard we almost peed sometimes, we (I) wanted to cry at points.

I’m so thankful that we were able to do this whole thing together. Plus, I love that Jenna joined us for the big race! (Sidenotee: She probably took 1/3 of the steps I took because her legs are so much longer than mine. Love it.)

After all the training, the big day finally came! Everything we worked for. It’s weird when something so anticipated comes and goes…and you’re left with sore muscles and granny hips.

Here is some of race day in pictures–compliments of Brittany Taylor (roomie) and John Campbell (daddy-o).

This picture was taken right before we headed up the dreaded hill on Nolton. The whole time we ran down the Boulevard, we kept saying, “we’re about to see our friends. we’re about to see our friends…” so needless to say, we were pretty excited when we finally saw BT and Mere!

My Dad took this picture at the top of Nolton. That was probably the best feeling I had the entire day (apart from finishing). There were so many familiar faces as we ran up the hill. So many cheers and smiles and “you’re almost there”s and  even Kelly Clarkston music. I was dreading that part of the race, but it ended up being one of my favorite moments. Normally I just look down and try my best to chug it up a gigantically long hill, but this time I loved looking around and seeing the faces that were on my team–even if I didn’t know them.

I can literally hear my sigh of relief. Definitely loved this feeling. I loved that the three of us crossed the finish line together…and, BONUS, we got to run across the 50 yard line.

I love this picture. I love that we looked up and saw people who support us. I love that moments are meant to be shared with people. And I love Jessie’s arm in this picture.

My partner in crime for this endeavor. Love you, Jessie!