I have a fever.

And the only prescription is SPRING.

It’s official, people. I have spring fever. Normally, I wouldn’t catch this bad boy til mid March, but the weather and mulch filled air and flowers and playing in the park and ice cream runs have made this fever spring up (pun intended) a couple of degrees a couple weeks early. I mean, who isn’t ready for spring by mid-February? But this weird, bi-polar Knox weather made an early spring seem like a very plausible possibility. And now, it legit is almost real-life spring. Spring Break and all. So I guess my Spring Fever can rise all it wants. Here’s hopin’ the April Showers don’t bring hail and tornadoes along with em.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of the beautiful tree outside my window that’s really been getting me into the spring spirit. I wish I had snapped a picture each morning to track the blooming process. The little blooms looked different every morning until they were full! This tree has been such a beautiful picture to me of our Creator and the way he makes things that were dead into things that are new and alive.

from my window. not too shabby.

and all these blooms started with a baby bud. how cool.

Waking up to this tree every day has been a treat. So thankful for this new season that is peaking it’s head around the corner in so many visible ways! For example: the sunburn on my shoulders and freckles on my nose courtesy of this gorgeous Sunday. Love it.