halloween = the perfect excuse to look like a complete goober.

my costume = proof of my point.

The Cheetah hosted a little Halloween gathering to give people a reason to really get decked out this year. As “tweens” of childhood and adulthood, we can’t really go trick-or-treating and we can’t take our kids trick-or-treating because we don’t have kids. Thus, the totally rando costume party ensued. I found lots of joy in seeing everyone’s faces turn as the door would open and a new dressed-up person would arrive.

This year’s Halloween was also a perfect excuse to see lots of my favorite people on a not-so-random week night. Normally we go to bed early, but fun costume parties and fun sophomores and juniors in college kept us young last Wednesday.


“Your Mom”

Cow with Pig Tails

Minion from Despicable Me

80’s Skier



Wassup ringlets?

Note: sponge curlers are the bomb.



Lots n lots of roommate-lovin’ has been going down lately and I FREAKING LOVE IT.

Dancing and scream-singing in the kitchen is my favorite end to a long day.

This Friday, the Cheetahs (my roomies) went to Emma’s mentor’s mountain house in Cherokee National Forest aka middle-of-nowhere/boonies/into-the-wild/perfect-getaway. It was such a breath of fresh air (literally). This cabin is completely HANDMADE. (I know all houses are…but when it’s just two dudes it seems a whole lot cooler.) It took them two years to build it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I like to call it the luxurious Lincoln log cabin.

We came, we danced, we ate, we sat on the back deck, we cuddled on the couch, we painted nails, we laughed, we picked flowers, we talked about life.

It was the-bomb.

For Sunday lunch, we ate lunch at P.F. Changs compliments of our reimbursement of already buying a Christmas tree from Raise the Tree, then winning a free tree from a twitter contest. PTL that gift cards never expire.

Sesame chicken + Diet Coke + Great Wall of Chocolate + Banana Spring Rolls + Funny fortune = FREE yumminess

So thankful for quality time with my roommates!

here comes cookie

Today marks the 100th time the exterminator has paid a visit to the Tiny Cheetah. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. But for real. We are totally in the double digits and definitely on a first name basis with Cook’s Pest Control.

FACT: Fleas are not the bees knees. That is for darn sure. (But we also do have bees for that matter—yellow jackets in the back yard, to be exact. But that is a different story for a different day…)

Let me just say that I am a complete wimp when it comes to fleas—just typing the word gives me the heebeegeebees. Yet, I really don’t think that this is abnormal. If there is someone out there who actually likes fleas, I don’t think I’d care to be their friend. All that to say–It has been a long road, but I truly feel in my gut that the end is near. The fleas will be dead and gone soon. Hopefully.

After the flea fiasco, a gas leak, a traumatic yellow jacket incident that will be discussed at a later date, a moody air conditioning unit, crazies knocking on our door etc etc etc. I still love our sweet little house. It just has issues. However, I’m not going to hold them over my house’s head/roof. We all have issues…it’s just that most of our issues don’t leave innocent bystanders itching their ankles.

Thanks, Cook’s Pest Control, for making your jingle a reality for the girls of the Tiny Cheetah: “Lookie, lookie, lookie–here comes Cookie (for the 9328389394th time). Cook’s Pest Control”